Road Trip Day 4

Day 4 Saturday…Lawrence Kansas toSt. Louis  Missouri 

We started our day at Mutt Run off-LeashDog park in Lawrence Kansas . This park has a great off leash hiking area as well as a big fenced in off leash area. Our dogs roamed around the fenced in area as Chelsea does not come back on command. Hit the road to St. Louis for a shorter day of driving. After checking into the La Quinta we headed for historic “old chain of rocks bridge”. The bridge was the old Route 66 bridge across the Mississippi. Decommissioned as a driving bridge, it has now been restored to a walking/biking bridge. It is  1 mile across the Mississippi linking Missouri with Illinois.  We walked over and back which was great exercise for the dogs. It is recommended that you park on the Illinois side due to crime on the Missouri side. The chain of rocks in the river blocked upstream navigation thus the name chain of rocks bridge.  There was also a Lewis and Clark monument but it was closed for the day.



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