Road Trip day 10

Day 10 Lake George
This is the day the maid comes so we took the dogs off to see some American history by going to the Saratoga Battlefield Historic Park. This had a nice shaded parking lot so we were able to leave the dogs in the car while we visited the visitor center and got some maps.  Then it was off to do the driving tour with many stops along the way. They had hiking trails but since we had elderly adults along with us we decided to not do the 4 1/2 mile hiking tour. Interesting stops along the way including canon and the monument to Benedict Arnolds boot ( no name inscribed due to his later traitor behavior).  After hoping in and out of the car multiple times the dogs were getting tired of that so we headed back to the Lake George house for a swim. Later that evening Deb’s niece and her Two children came over for a swim and diner at Top Of the World restaurant. Right as we arrive another 20+ people arrive a roughly the same time. Service was slow but food good.


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