Road Trip day 11

Day 11 Lake George

Today is the day the maid is coming to clean so we must be gone from 8:30 to 2:30 which makes it a perfect day to go Roger’s Island New York for a little more history.  Loaded the dogs up in the SUV and off we went. Today  the US Army Rangers consider this little island in the Hudson River to be their “spiritual home”? Robert Rogers detailed his methods of training and rules of order which marked a change for the British way of confronting an enemy on the battlefield. These “Ranging Rules”, written on Rogers Island, form the basis of military tactics adopted by irregular fighting forces all over the world. 

     We entered the visitor center which is quite nice and has some good displays and an area for kids to try on the uniform of the times.  There is a walking trail on which we took the dogs…leashed of course. I have to say it is a nice walk but the signage for the sights is non existent. You need to pick up the map at the visitors center. Eve then, with map in hand, you need to use you imagination to visualize the area…there are no standing structures to view. 

Deb and Chelsea standing next to the statue of Robert Rogers . Rogers island New York 


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