Road Trip day 28

Niagara Falls American side. Horseshoe falls over my left shoulder. Me and Tioga

Traveled from Lake George to Niagara Falls today. Weather good and got to the falls early evening. Decided to visit the falls so we could get off early. Nice to visit one of the natural wonders of the world . Fair amount of people around although you would not know it by this photo. The road from lake George followed the Erie Canal/Mohawk River . Kind of cool to see the canal locks along the way. 



Road trip days 16 through 26

Santonini hike

Days 16 through 26 Hanging at lake George for this entire time. Swimming and hiking and enjoying fresh corn cooked to perfection every night we ate at the lake house. Out dining included bistro la roux, Morgan &Co Mama Rizzo’s Aroy Dee. All delicious. Tomorrow back on the road headed for Niagara Falls.