Road Trip 2017

Heading back across the USA again this year. Will take a more southerly route so we can get some paws on the ground in states not previously traveled. Last road trip started with a parking ticket and this one will be starting on April Fools Day so hopefully all will go well. This trip will be cooler temps so we think the dogs will be happier. Especially when we go through Dateland! Last time it was 110 degrees when we stopped …hoping for around 80 degrees this time.  1st night in Flagstaff once again.



Road Trip day 28

Niagara Falls American side. Horseshoe falls over my left shoulder. Me and Tioga

Traveled from Lake George to Niagara Falls today. Weather good and got to the falls early evening. Decided to visit the falls so we could get off early. Nice to visit one of the natural wonders of the world . Fair amount of people around although you would not know it by this photo. The road from lake George followed the Erie Canal/Mohawk River . Kind of cool to see the canal locks along the way. 


Road trip days 16 through 26

Santonini hike

Days 16 through 26 Hanging at lake George for this entire time. Swimming and hiking and enjoying fresh corn cooked to perfection every night we ate at the lake house. Out dining included bistro la roux, Morgan &Co Mama Rizzo’s Aroy Dee. All delicious. Tomorrow back on the road headed for Niagara Falls.

Road trip day 15

     I skipped days 12 through 14 because we really did not go away from our Lake House …just hung out swimming and taking a few hikes with the dogs but we are on the road today,  headed for Fort Ticonderoga. Beautiful drive around the lake and forested areas. This fort is “dog friendly” . Great fort to visit. Staff friendly and the exhibits informative. We walked around the fort and the grounds. They did  a musket demonstration (which included the firing of a musket). They also fire the canon at 2:00 which we decided would not be good for the dogs so we made sure we were back in the car before that happened. 

     Fort Ticonderoga, formerly Fort Carillon, is a large 18th-century star fort built by the French at a narrows near the south end of Lake Champlain in northern New York. The fort played major roles in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.

Our next stop is Mount Defiance which is an 853 ft (260 m) high hill on the New York side of Lake Champlain, It is notable in that the hill militarily dominates both Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Independence, but it was deemed inaccessible so never fortified.  View is really nice overlooking Lake Champlain and if you know where to look you can just barely see Lake George.

Headed back to the house we stopped for a hot dog and sweet potato fries at a little stand along the road. 

Mount Defiance  with lake Champlain in background.

Road Trip day 11

Day 11 Lake George

Today is the day the maid is coming to clean so we must be gone from 8:30 to 2:30 which makes it a perfect day to go Roger’s Island New York for a little more history.  Loaded the dogs up in the SUV and off we went. Today  the US Army Rangers consider this little island in the Hudson River to be their “spiritual home”? Robert Rogers detailed his methods of training and rules of order which marked a change for the British way of confronting an enemy on the battlefield. These “Ranging Rules”, written on Rogers Island, form the basis of military tactics adopted by irregular fighting forces all over the world. 

     We entered the visitor center which is quite nice and has some good displays and an area for kids to try on the uniform of the times.  There is a walking trail on which we took the dogs…leashed of course. I have to say it is a nice walk but the signage for the sights is non existent. You need to pick up the map at the visitors center. Eve then, with map in hand, you need to use you imagination to visualize the area…there are no standing structures to view. 

Deb and Chelsea standing next to the statue of Robert Rogers . Rogers island New York 

Road Trip day 10

Day 10 Lake George
This is the day the maid comes so we took the dogs off to see some American history by going to the Saratoga Battlefield Historic Park. This had a nice shaded parking lot so we were able to leave the dogs in the car while we visited the visitor center and got some maps.  Then it was off to do the driving tour with many stops along the way. They had hiking trails but since we had elderly adults along with us we decided to not do the 4 1/2 mile hiking tour. Interesting stops along the way including canon and the monument to Benedict Arnolds boot ( no name inscribed due to his later traitor behavior).  After hoping in and out of the car multiple times the dogs were getting tired of that so we headed back to the Lake George house for a swim. Later that evening Deb’s niece and her Two children came over for a swim and diner at Top Of the World restaurant. Right as we arrive another 20+ people arrive a roughly the same time. Service was slow but food good.

Road Trip Day 9

Day 9 Lake George  This is the first day of staying in one place.  Because the Lake house is up for sale, there will be showing today at 6:00 so a day of cleaning and prepping is on tap. Very nice to have the lake at hand to cool off. Dogs played in water and did a few laps back and forth honing up there swimming skills. There seems to be a critter living under the row boat on the dock so dogs very interested in sniffing around that. Diner reservations at Bistro La Roux while realtor showing the house. 

Wet dogs playing tug on the dock.