Road Trip Day 8

Day 8 Moorestown New Jersey to lake George dinner at Mama Rizzo’sDrove to Lake George without incident. Upon arrival at the lake the dogs are quite busy sniffing the new environment. It appears as thought Chelsea The terror will need to be leashed while we stay here. She wants to wander everywhere and this property is not fenced. Took them down to the dock for a quick swim. Tioga and Chelsea both good swimmers and had a ball in the water. At this time we will stay here for a couple of weeks before we head back on our return road trip phase. Will post our day trips periodically as we visit the different historic sights.


Road Trip Day 7

Day 7. Morgantown West Virginia to Moorestown New Jersey     Pretty much just hit the road for New Jersey today. Beautiful drive along the West Virginia hills. Arrived in Moorestown around 4pm. Dogs glad to get to a place where they could run around in Deb’s sisters backyard. Fenced in with lots of critter smells. Could be chipmunks under the shed, moles in the yard, maybe a skunk or a woodchuck. This kept dogs very busy sniffing. Caleb and Grace came over for a swim so Tioga joined them in the pool. As evening came on we went to Grace’s house for diner. BBQ lamb and pilaf. Good times. Off to Lake George tomorrow. 

Road Trip Day 6

Day 6 MondayStarted out the day in the Jacobson Dog Park Lexington .  The is a fabulous dog park . It it fence up like a Kentucky horse rance yet it has chain link in the blank spaces so it is very secure. It is 7.8 acres with a water fountain and benches. There are two of these enclosures for size appropriate play. The dogs played for quite a while then we were off to see Leeneland race track.  One of the most beautiful tracks and facilities I have seen. No racing going on rich now but worth the look around the grounds. Off to drive to West Virginia through the beautiful horse ranches of Kentucky. There was a big accident in highway 64 which delayed our drive for about 1/2 hour. Our next stop was Morgantown West Virginia where we drove to the river for a nice walk with the dogs on a paved path and then stopped by a dog friendly brewery for a craft beer and pizza.

Road Trip Day 5 

imageSt.louis to Lexington via Cahokia mounds

Started the day without going to dog park…just head for Collinsville Illionois where the Cahokia Mounds are located. The is a state historic park, national Heritage sight and one of  only 23 world heritage sites located in the USA. The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is located on the site of a pre-Columbian Native American city (c. 600–1400 CE) situated directly across the Mississippi River from modern St. Louis, Missouri. This historic park lies in southern Illinois between East St. Louis and Collinsville.[3] The park covers 2,200 acres (890 ha), or about 3.5 square miles (9 km2), and contains about 80 mounds. Cahokia was the largest and the most influential urban settlement in the Mississippian culture which developed advanced societies across much of what is now the central and southeastern United States. The visitor center was really great. Informative and educational displays. Dogs are welcome on the trails and can climb the mounds right with you but must be leashed. Chelsea ,our terrier mix, found a stinky dead critter to roll on so we spend a bit of time cleaning her up with Citrus scented wet wipes. There also is a wood henge area (similar or stone henge but wood). Our next stop along the trip was the falls of the Ohio state park but we were unable to find it due to the freeway construction and detours in Louisville. Ended up the day in Lexington Kentucky. Took the dogs to Blue Stallion brewery for bourbon barrel aged beer,bbq pork and briscuit.

Road Trip Day 4

Day 4 Saturday…Lawrence Kansas toSt. Louis  Missouri 

We started our day at Mutt Run off-LeashDog park in Lawrence Kansas . This park has a great off leash hiking area as well as a big fenced in off leash area. Our dogs roamed around the fenced in area as Chelsea does not come back on command. Hit the road to St. Louis for a shorter day of driving. After checking into the La Quinta we headed for historic “old chain of rocks bridge”. The bridge was the old Route 66 bridge across the Mississippi. Decommissioned as a driving bridge, it has now been restored to a walking/biking bridge. It is  1 mile across the Mississippi linking Missouri with Illinois.  We walked over and back which was great exercise for the dogs. It is recommended that you park on the Illinois side due to crime on the Missouri side. The chain of rocks in the river blocked upstream navigation thus the name chain of rocks bridge.  There was also a Lewis and Clark monument but it was closed for the day.


Road Trip Day 3

Day 3 Trinidad Colorado to Lawrence Kansas.Beautiful rolling hills  Doe and two fauns right across the road. Stopped by Bent’s Old Fort National Monument. Super nice walk with dogs including an encounter with a big longhorn on the trail. Fort was cool Nice talk about fort, very good displays very dog friendly. Very long day. Got into Lawrence Kansas at 11 pm 

Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 Thursday started out in flagstaff Arizona at the Thorp Bark Park. Dogs ran around and played then we hit the road headed for Trinidad Colorado. Just off interstate 40 was the petrified forest and painted desert. Photos of painted desert and petroglyphs. Drive north on highway 25 awesome. It was sunset and views spectacular including lightening in the distance, some raindrops, hundreds and hundreds of pronghorn antelope. Amazing drive.